Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girly news...

Haven is constantly talking and figuring life out in every way verbal. She has one pitch - it is high (think Minnie Mouse) and loud. She never stops talking, and I find myself getting so excited for bedtime to come just to experience a quiet house. She enjoys being in control at all times (wonder where she got this from) and I often have to remind her that she is not the mommy. She likes to try to get away with disciplining Parker. "Parker - No! We don't pull hair!"

The other day, I was eating an ice cream cone after a play date at McDonald's. This was after Haven had chosen and eaten her treat - a yogurt parfait. I wasn't going to share since, at this point, we were driving home and I did not want to try passing the ice cream cone back and forth. She then, in her "I am mommy" tone, stated, "Mommy, I am going to tell Jesus that you are not sharing!" Well, at least she knows who the moral authority is... oh, brother.

We just had a 7 month check-up with Parker. I accidentally forgot about our 6 month appointment and had to reschedule. I forget things a lot now... but that is another blog entry. Parker is 15 lbs (20%) and 26 3/4 inches long (72%). She eats three solid meals a day now, and is crawling backwards. She loves to get herself stuck in corners and under furniture. She can push herself up to a sitting position and I am prepared to see her start crawling forward at any point. Nooooo! I feel like I am losing my little baby! Crawling just adds a whole new dimension... wondering if I have the energy for that yet.

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