Saturday, October 9, 2010

The farm life

We did not foresee that this would be our last meal on the farm with Papa Otto when on a Monday evening we all gathered to celebrate family coming together. Four generations were present as Papa Otto lead the large group (he was always in the front of the buffet line) in a Prime Rib dinner. Two days later, he passed away and went home to Jesus. What precious timing. I so am thankful God allowed us one more memory with him as a family - just like many, many years of summers, Christmases, Thanksgivings, Easters... We were all able to attend the funeral and see first hand the love and respect my Papa Otto held in the farming community and town of Havre.

We all enjoyed a week of farm life:
Hunting, golfing, shooting stuff - enjoyed by Nate
Resting, not cooking, shopping, eating good food (especially the desserts), loving on my nephew, Crew, who I met for the first time - my favorites!
Riding the 4-wheel, visiting the horses, playing with cousins - Piper & Cameron, chasing the puppies, playing "Go Fish" - what the girls loved best!

However, we all came back with nasty colds and a little out of sorts being that we were sick and not on much of a schedule. It has taken me a week to get us all well again and have Parker back on her sleep schedule again! I refer to this stressful time of readjustment (which is often met with resistance and includes lots of discipline) as vacation detox. THUS the reason why it took me a while to write this post!

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