Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Pictures for the sake of a decent Christmas... I mean New Years Card!

A friend of mine in my playgroup who has her own photography business took these shots on the beach... when it was freezing cold and super foggy out.... go figure. But we did get a few good pictures of the family just a few weeks after Rowyn was born.

Which one will appear on the now "New Year's" card? You can guess. The cards should be arriving any day! Which means they will be sent out the first week of January (my goal). Thanks for being patient.

1 comment:

Kim D. said...

How on earth did you decide?! These are all amazing!! What a beautiful family -- and I'm jealous of the tank tops in December!

You look great, Meliss... not like the mom of 3 babies, and only a month out from a c-section! A-maz-ing!

Can't wait to see which one made it to the card. :)