Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our girls

Here are the rest of the cute pics from the previous photo shoot... so fun!

Quick update:
Rowyn - she is currently in the 50% percentile for weight and height & 75% in head size! My babies have big heads (this is a sign of intelligence just in case you didn't know). She is crawling all over, reaching for anything that looks enticing, pulling herself up to stand any chance she can get, and is FINALLY eating like a champ! Baby Ro-Ro (her nickname) is a happy baby and actually smiles on cue. For example, she was the most photogenic for the group photo shoot with her sisters. She has blond hair and blue eyes. Never underestimate the power of recessive genes. I didn't think it was genetically possible for Nate and I to create a baby who is this mellow and chill. Yesssss, I finally got a baby who is content to sit and play with a toy on the floor longer than 2 minutes. Oh, and she loves her pacifier. I kiss her all day long. I know my time is short at this stage.

Parker - we laugh at this kid every day. She has got the funniest, most hilarious facial expressions. She truly is her father's daughter. And, I think she looks more like Nate as she gets older. From her lean, muscle-y build to the timing of her laughs and sense of humor, I see Nate in our little Parker more and more. I say little since she is under the 25% in weight and wears a 2T even though she is 3 (as of July 2nd). She is still attending Speech Therapy once a week and is progressing very well in this area. She still has her own language, but she is getting clearer each week! Even though she still has an affinity for markers, she has mellowed down in her mischievous ways now that she is 3. BUT she still is crazy Parker who knows no fear and seems to accumulate an "owie" each day because she doesn't watch where she is going! Full steam ahead... all the time. But I do give her lots of kisses at night when she is asleep, quiet and still. She lives up to her middle name - Joy. She brings a lot of it to our home.

Haven - Our sweet, sensitive, responsible, first born who loves being the older sister and the center of attention. She is very mature, follows the rules, enjoys being creative, hates messes, wants to wear "Hello Kitty" skirts every day, likes to organize, volunteers to help me any chance she can get... I love having her around. Haven is very social and we are having play dates with her little girlfriends all the time. We are entering the age where I am noticing that we may not escape the following: Bieber Fever, American Girl dolls, hair tossing, hands on the hip coupled with a smart response, Justice clothing stores, insisting on doing her own hair, even sleep overs!! She is growing up so fast. One of my favorite things to see in Haven is her growing love for Jesus. We do devotions each night before bed and she has such a genuine heart to follow God. Observing this makes me think we can deal with the Bieber Fever.

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